Create Your Own Original Tunes Using Google’s Song Maker

Google launched a new browser-based music sequencer Thursday that allows users to be both song writer and producer and create their own simple jams using Chrome.

Called Song Maker, it’s essentially a basic sequencer grid where you can add things like piano, woodwinds, strings, as well as a variety of different drum effects to create your own unique jam. Everything works just using your computer, but if you’re feeling ambitious you can also plug in a MIDI keyboard or a microphone.

You can also customize things like the tempo, as well as the scale, octave range, and beats per bar. It’s easy enough to use a child could enjoy it but offers some complexities that adults can enjoy as well.

Screenshot: Google

The finished product can be saved for your own personal enjoyment or sent to a friend so they can add to it (or fix your failure, if you’re me).

It’s a fun time waster to try if you’re trapped inside this weekend thanks to the Nor’easter and are looking for something to do.

If you like Song Maker there are a number of other options out there worth a try. My personal fave is Pixelsynth, which plays music based on pictures you draw on the screen.

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