How to Keep Your Devices’ Batteries Alive As Long As Possible

Love them or hate them, batteries power everything you hold dear, or at least everything inside your phone. You might have a brand new iPhone with a fully charged battery or a dying iPhone 6, whose battery is so degraded it requires a replacement from Apple (at least it’s discounted). Sure, all batteries degrade eventually, but you can take some preventative steps to keep them in good health for as long as possible.

To keep it operating nominally, you’ll need to occasionally participate in some time-consuming activities, or go against your habits and beliefs as to how you should charge (or discharge) a battery. For the most part, batteries can take care of themselves and combat our bad habits as long as you monitor a few factors. Here’s what you should look into when determining the health of your battery, and how to keep it full of electrons until it’s time for a replacement.

Watch for Battery Bloat

Photo: Charles Williams (Flickr)

In college, my laptop’s battery began to bulge, leaving me with two options: replace it with a new one, or wait until it pops out of my laptop during class (guess which one I chose). In retrospect, the chances of my laptop catching firewere pretty high, and it would’ve been pretty devastating if it had gone up in flames. If your battery starts to bulge inside your device, consider it a fire hazard and dispose of it properly. Don’t be like me. Replace your battery.\

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